Enhancing the homes of Chicago kallahs for 40 years

Comprehensive kitchen and dining package to help our community kallahs set up their new homes.

Enhance a Kallah's Home


Ginat Shoshana

A native of Chicago, Mrs. Rashie Schnell ע"ה was diagnosed with a life threatning illness in 1982. She was advised by gedolim to involve herself in the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah as a zechus for a refuah sheleima.

With the encouragement and assistance of her husband, R’ Yaakov Schnell ז"ל, Mrs. Schnell began to build this institution of chesed from the ground up. She named it after her mother, Mrs. Shoshana (Rose) Reifer ע"ה.

Ginat Shoshana has assisted over 1,000 Chicago kallahs to begin their married life in a truly befitting manner.

A group of dedicated volunteers work quietly and diligently to make sure every kallah's needs are met. The fund is maintained by private donations.

Our Kallah Package




Shabbos Goblets

Pots and Pans


Toaster Oven

Immersion Blender


Food Processor


Accessories Package

This package includes smaller items such as a Shabbos lamp, baking set, knives, peelers and other useful utensils that kallahs will find helpful when starting their home!

Our Kallahs Write

I cannot begin to thank you. It took care of a huge financial stress and will make my house look like the one I dream of.
Even more, thank you for the lesson you've taught. I've never seen such a beautiful portrayal of what it means to give.
When I heard I would be getting a "package" from Ginat Shoshana, I thought I knew what to expect - how wrong I was! When I heard the list of items, when I saw the variety available, when I had the chance to choose exactly what I wanted, just like a regular kallah… it's tremendous!
You are the "inheritor" of this absolutely special & unique organization "Ginat Shoshana" and really provided our kallah with all that she needs for her kitchen. But it wasn't just given to her. She got to pick out china, Corelle and silverware, and she really got beautiful and stunning things - she was SO excited!
'Thank-You' - two words that surely do not suffice for enabling our kallah's future home to be set up so nice. The appreciation we have for all you do Is beyond the capabilities of a line or two....

A Project of


Ginat Shoshana is grateful to ChesedChicago for being a partner in this avodas hakodesh. Their benevolence allows 100% of every dollar donated to be spent on our kallahs, without any overhead.

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